Activities & Special Subjects at a Glance...

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  • Science
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • Sports
  • Field Trips




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Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


montessori activities


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


Farmington Valley Academy Montessor


montessori activities



Activities and Special Subjects

Concentrated Classes in special subject areas such as Spanish, Latin, theatre, science, music, art ,computer science, sports and field trips are integrated into the curriculum.


Spanish and Latin

Students meet with the Spanish teacher for specified class times each week.  Latin is integrated into the classroom curriculum at the upper elementary and middle school levels.  The study of foreign languages augments each students understanding of English and builds vocabulary skills.  


Science labs and special classes are scheduled cirriculum.  Often field trips extend a students' or group of students research on a particular area of study.  For example; The study of eco-systems was supplemented by field study at Winding Trails in Farmington and the Norwalk Maritime Museum. All of the science concepts studied are reinforced with hands on lab, projects or experiments.  Through laboratory experiments students reach a deeper level of understanding.



Music education begins in the toddler room with singing, musical instruments, rhythm and movement.  These classes are also part of the Montessori morning primary program and extend through middle school.  Music in the elementary and middle school classes is integrated into the theatre program to include singing, dance and instrumentation.  Private lessons are also available to interested students.  Professional artists visit the Academy to perform for the students throughout the year.



The theatre program is closely aligned with both the art and music programs as well as language skills. There are two yearly theatre productions.  In the fall students present a performance of monologues and in the spring a musical production.



Art instruction includes exposure to the principles of drawing, painting, sculpture and clay work as well as the study of particular artists.  This program begins at the extended day level and extends through middle school.  The upper elementary and middle school students have the opportunity to study the history of art.  The art teacher offers afterschool art classes  one to two days a week.


Computer Science

Includes instruction in keyboarding, word processing and the use of PowerPoint as a research presentation tool.  Computer software is also utilized to support the reading program.



Physical Education is planned in five/six week segments and includes off site programming such as: soccer, lacrosse, tennis, skating, hockey and baseball.
Expert coaches focus on sportsmanship while building fundamental skills.  Students are coached at each level. 



Field Trips

Students have the opportunity to participate in varied field trips throughout the year.  Examples include, visit to museums, nature and science centers.  Lower elementary students travel to  Camp Jewel for an overnight visit each year.  At the upper elementary and middle school level there are certain cornerstone trips that students look forward to each year.  In the fall, upper elementary and middle school spend three days at the Farm School where they work in the garden, learn forestry skills, cook in the kitchen and learn to care for the farm animals among many other things.  Lower elementary visit the farm for a day trip.   A extensive history/geography project is available to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in the form of a Montessori Model United Nations program.  Students spend four days in New York City representing a country and presenting position papers that have been researched and written at school   The event culminates in the United Nations building itself where the students from around the world vote on each others resolution papers.  It is an unbelievable learning experience for the students.
The end of year is always signaled by the Niantic trip where upper elementary and middle school students spend four days at the beach.  Activities include crabbing, swimming, sailing, and enjoying a good play at the GoodSpeed Opera House.   These trips foster responsibility, develop maturity and build friendships and fond memories.

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