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“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”  Han Suyin 
 This is exactly what I expected.  Hard hills, high mileage, sore muscles – what fun!
We started in wet, cold weather in Everett, WA.  Not only were our feet soaked and webbed, but it made the bikes gritty and hard to switch gears uphill or down. It’s tough to hang on to those bars going down hill at 30 miles an hour over rough roads full of traffic.  It can be death defying!  Once we were over Steven’s Pass, the weather cleared.

We stayed at the Boys and Girls Club in Everett.  They had great programs and facilities for kids and families.  Next, we stayed in a school in Skykomish, WA that covered grades K-12 and each graduating class was very lucky if there were a total of ten.  It was grey, wet and cold in the middle of June.  I would go postal if I had to live there.  They could use some books other than romance novels to broaden their horizons.  Name and addr to follow if you are interested.
On the third day, we did 107 miles.  There was a 7 mile, 6% grade to start.  I thought that I had trained well enough for that, but it tired me out.  At the half way mark, I took an energy drink full of potassium and caffeine.  It worked wonders!  Is that the kick that you espresso/starbucks/caffiends get?  I bought a couple on sale to try them - I would pay full price for that boost!
One day after another of miles and field and hours and pedaling.  You better have a good thought in your head!
We had the most beautiful day around the Trail of the Couer d Alenes in Idaho!  The scenery is all I heard that it would be.  The trail and ride and weather were so beautiful that the 95 miles were great.
We went over the Continental Divide by way of Hamilton’s Pass today.  We came into Montana and into the Mountain time zone.  One more day of 101 miles to Missoula to finish the first week of riding.