Upper Elementary - 4th through 6th grade

The Upper Elementary curriculum builds on the academic foundation and skills established in the Lower Elementary program. Students in the upper elementary are transitioning between using Montessori materials and abstract learning.  The pace of this transition is different for each student and this is respected in the way teaching is approached.  The Upper Elementary classroom continues the Montessori tradition of being a prepared environment designed for academic practice in all areas of the curriculum as well as containing materials that both entice and encourage students to explore many different aspects of learning.

The key areas of lessons are language, math, history/geography, science, the arts and physical education.

  • The Language Studies include reading comprehension strategies, literature discussion groups, vocabulary development, grammar and spelling.  The writing program develops and perfects well written paragraphs and proceeds forward to learning to write and edit fully developed research papers.  Latin is added to foreign language study program in 4th grade and the students continue to build reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish.

  • The Math curriculum solidifies the foundational skills built in lower elementary.  Areas of study include double and triple digit multiplication and division, the study of fractions, decimals, squaring, cubing, percents, geometry as well as positive and negative integers.  Word problems are integrated into each area of the curriculum.  When the student demonstrates readiness, pre-algebra skills are begun.

  • Cultural Studies include science, history and geography.  Science topics include the study of our earth, air, water, the beginning of life, as well as botany,biology, zoology, chemistry, ecology, astronomy, physics, meterology.The geography curriculum includes the study of each continent, its countries, regions, physical geography, language, culture, economy, government and history.The area of history includes a broad study of the history of man on earth with a concentration on each major human civilization. American history and current events are particular areas of focus.

  • The Upper Elementary curriculum includes instruction in the arts, theatre, music and fine arts.  Technology instruction is incorporated throughout each area of the curriculum. Students perfect keyboarding skills, learn Power Point and Excel.  Physical education is planned in segments and includes off site programming such as skating, hockey, soccer, and baseball.  The Academy's music and theater arts program includes voice lessons, chorus, theatre and music history.   There are two yearly theater productions, a fall monologue presentation and a spring main stage performance.