Art instruction at FVAM includes exposure to the principles of drawing, painting, sculpture and clay work as well as the study of art history.    The program begins in the classroom at the toddler and primary morning level.  When a student begins to stay for extended day, they begin to participate in our art studio program with a experienced artist.  The lower and upper elementary students have the opportunity to participate in art classes weekly in small groups.  They also build their knowledge and experience of art by visiting local art museums. 

FVAM's art studio, provides children with an opportunity to express their own CREATIVITY, to expand their VISUAL THINKING, try new materials and techniques and HAVE FUN with Art, experiencing the JOY of CREATION!

Each year, the students explore different media, including drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and ceramics, and experiment with a variety of techniques. To broaden their understanding of Art, they are introduced to artists, different art styles and cultures. Students study design principles and elements such as line, color, shape, space, texture and pattern, and further their understanding through their art projects. They strengthen their fine motor skills, as well as develop their mental skills.

Integrating Art with other subjects in the classroom, such as Science, History and Spanish, helps students see how subjects work together as well as enriching their understanding of the world around them, past and present.

Displaying of student artwork is continuous throughout the year, culminating with the Student Art Show.