Spanish and Latin

Spanish classes for our youngest students include learning new vocabulary and utilizing music to learn colors, numbers, parts of the body, animals and fruits.  The Spanish classes prepare the youngest students with a firm foundation to build their knowledge and understanding of Spanish through a specialized program beginning with Extended Day students.   As the students progress through each level, they begin to become more and more comfortable conversing in Spanish as well as reading and writing.  Grammar is emphasized throughout the program. In the upper elementary and middle school grades, there is a strong focus on conversation, reading Spanish novels and corresponding with students in Spain.  The Spanish Culture is presented on a continual basis and includes celebrating Spanish holidays and festivities, crafts, music and cuisine.  Middle school Spanish classes are conducted fully in Spanish and students are encouraged to speak Spanish in class. Complex grammatical concepts are introduced and students develop the ability to apply grammatical principles. 

Latin instruction begins in fourth grade with the study of vocabulary.  It quickly moves into learning verb congregation and being able to read and write sentences in Latin.  As the student progresses,  they are able to translate passages from Latin to English and English to Latin.  Many students have commented that their study of Latin has given them a greater understanding of both English vocabulary and grammar.