Music begins with the toddler level and continues through Middle School.

FVAM incorporates the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy and methodology  into the music program.  The program includes weekly lessons beginning at the toddler level with our music specialist.  The Montessori curriculum includes an appreciation of the richness of music at all levels.  Singing, movement, rhythm, history and composers are incorporated into the program.  Children in the primary and lower elementry learn the fundamentals of compostition and learn to read music utilizing the Montessori bells and tone bars.  Lower elementary, upper elementary and middle school students music is further enriched by the theatre program and the Ensemble group.  The Ensemble group incorporates the musical talent of the students and lends itself to ensemble work and improvisation lead by our  music specialist. Many students participate in private music lessons in order to extend and develop their interest in music which has been ignited at an early age.

Individual lessons are available to students as an extra curricular activity if they would like to pursue an instrument or voice lessons  Private lessons are offered in voice, piano, guitar, drums, cello and viola.

Music recitals and presentations are scheduled throughout the school year.