FVAM's Science Lab enhances the hands-on Science curriculum for students at FVAM.   Every student is encouraged to explore, create and inquire about the world around them.

Science Lab at FVAM includes:

  • Microscopes - an array of optically calibrated binary dissecting and zppm Accu-Scopes, adaptable to both video and camera attachements allowing students to explore the micro-world around them.
  • Telescopes - A powerful 16" and two 8" diameter Meade Reflector telescopes along with several smaller telesopes is part of our growing arsenal to take on the night sky.  Many Astronomy Evenings are scheduled throughout the year for families to view the wonders of the sky!
  • Meteorology - A fully automated weather station collects data and posts it continually through to a website,  a freezer allows students to watch how snow crystals form in the air and a sculptured cumulonimbus thunderhead "spits" out small bolts of lightning creatd by a Van de Graff generator are just a few of the interactive displays at FVAM that teach atmospheric sciences.

Astronomy viewing evenings and special science topics are scheduled throughout the school year bringing science alive both for the students and their families.